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The Haremqueen BellyDance group was formed in 2006 by four bellydance enthusiasts in Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired and addicted by this maginificent art and having studied from prominent bellydance teachers around the world such as Jillina, Madame Raqia Hassan, Mo Geddawi to name a few, the sisterhood decided to take it to the next level, by sharing the knowledge within the community, around the country. We regularly travel to places around archipelago spreading our love and the joy of bellydance to women as form of exercise and to improve health, well being and self confidence.


Our products have wide range of varieties from simple t shirt and other workout clothing, to intricate body stocking and professional costume inspired by Arabic/Middle-Eastern Tradition. We designed most of our own costumes but also bring in beautiful stuffs from bellydance motherland, Egypt and from our regular travelling around the globe.

The most recent items are shown in more detail here.


Major event in the past: Organiser for Bellydance Festival Asia (BDFA) featuring Jillina and the Bellydance Evolution in Bali, Indonesia (February 2010)

Future event: Co-organiser for a bellydance festival to be held in Morroco on 19 - 26 October 2013 featuring Fifi Abdou and Mario Kirlis: http://www.danceexapsis.com


Regular and private classes held regularly at our studio:

Haremqueen Bellydancers

2A Jalan Bangka Barat 4
Jakarta 12160

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